Eyelash tinting--------------------------------------------$30

Eyebrow tinting-------------------------------------------$30

Natural Eyelash extensions-----------------------------$165

Extreme Eyelash extensions---------------------------$200

Re-Lashes weekly -------------------------- $35

Re-Lashes over two weeks -------------------------- $45

Daily Make-up--------------------------------------------$70

Group of three or more: 15 percent off

Party and special occasions -------------------------- $75

Bridal parties----------------------------------------------$85

Five people or more, Bride free

Bridal trial--------------------------------------------------$45


A safe, relaxing way, based on an ancient Asian technique but with the help of modern technology, to clear away wax buildup and to help relieve sinus, Eustachian-tube, or nasal congestion. Helpful for people with chronic wax build-up, who work outdoors or in dusty environments, participate in water sports, or suffer ear aches, sinus infections, allergies or migraine.
This procedure is NOT recommended if you have had recent ear surgery, have cysts or tumors in the ear, have ear drains installed, or have suffered any recent injury or damage to the ear.