Basic Pedicure---------------------------------------------------------------------------------$25

Includes an aromatherapy soak, buffing, filing, cuticle conditioning, perfect polish, and a relaxing mini-massage.

French Pedicure-------------------------------------------------------------------------------$32

Basic manicure with elegant French polish.

Crystal Gel Spa Pedicure--------------------------------------------------------------------$70

Soak in a gel-like herbal mud bath used to relax, soften, and moisturize the skin as well as alleviate stress, stimulate the senses and restore balance in the body.

Acupressure Pedicure------------------------------------------------------------------------$50

A sea-salt exfoliation, penetrating cucumber cream or almond lotion, followed by a therapeutic 10-minute Chinese acupressure foot massage.

Hot stone Pedicure------------------------------------------------------------------------------$65

Choice of exfoliation with aloe vera cream, followed by a luxurious 15-minute hot stone massage. We use smooth, heated basalt stones combined with hot essential oils to relieve foot pain and relax muscles. A wonderfully restorative and therapeutic treatment especially suitable in winter.

Green-tea Pedicure-----------------------------------------------------------------------------$65

We use the anti-oxidizing and antiseptic properties of green-tea exfoliation and a penetrating mask of green-tea mud, followed by a 15-minute massage with green-tea cream.

Reflexology Pedicure---------------------------------------------------------------------------$75

The Jade Spa Pedicure followed by a 20-minute reflexology foot massage.

Jade Signature Pedicure-----------------------------------------------------------------------$80

This is our ultimate pedicure, including the full spa pedicure treatment with a customized exfoliation, followed by a special penetrating mask using pearl powder, green-tea powder, honey, and egg white, completed by a 20-minute Asian pressure-point foot massage.

Herbal Steam Pedicure (callous treatment &15 minute shoulder and 15 minute reflexology foot massage)----------------------------------------------------------------------- $90

This relaxing and restorative procedure begins with a neck & shoulder massage while your feet enjoy a steam bath with purifying Asian herbs in our special wooden basin. Then we exfoliate and provide a 15 minute reflexology massage with our vitamin E lotion and aromatherapy oil, then finish with aloe butter and cooling gel.