Nail repair/polish change-----------------------------------------------------------------$8

Basic Manicure------------------------------------------------------------------------------$12

Includes an aromatherapy soak, buffing, filing, cuticle conditioning, and perfect polish as well as a penetrating hand massage and a two-minute shoulder massage. Yes, that is what we consider BASIC.

French Manicure---------------------------------------------------------------------------$17

Basic manicure with elegant French polish.

Buff Manicure-------------------------------------------------------------------------------$18

Basic manicure without polish—instead nails are buffed to a natural elegant healthy sheen. Perfect for men.

Scruffin’ Manicure-------------------------------------------------------------------------$25

Basic manicure plus a “scrubbin’ and paraffin” treatment with a customized scrub used for exfoliation followed by a paraffin bath.

Gel/Glue Manicure-------------------------------------------------------------------------$35

A glue or gel makes your nails look healthy and strong.

Hot Lotion Manicure-----------------------------------------------------------------------$35

A luxury spa experience with heated cucumber or aloe vera penetrating cream followed by a 10 minute essential oil massage.

Jade Signature Manicure----------------------------------------------------------------$50

We do a basic manicure followed by exfoliation using sea salt, which has been renowned since ancient times for its therapeutic effect. Then we adapt a centuries-old Chinese therapy that uses a multi-vitamin serum inside a medicinal glove to soothe muscle ache and stress and relieve arthritic and other joint pain.

Powder Filling-------------------------------------------------------------------------------$35

Silk Wrap Set---------------------------------------------------------------------------------$65

Silk Tip Set------------------------------------------------------------------------------------$70

Extension Tip Set---------------------------------------------------------------------------$75

Soak-off UV Gel System With Organic Essentials

a new treatment that enhances nail health and protection, using an elegant, natural-looking UV-Gel that lasts up to three months and causes none of the cracking or weakening of older UV-Gel Treatments. Best of all, when the time comes, it is soaked off magically without any of the trouble or discomfort you used to suffer. Your options with this treatment are:

Natural manicure----------------------------------------------------------------------------$80

French Manicure----------------------------------------------------------------------------$98

French Tip Extension----------------------------------------------------------------------$130