Full-body exfoliation----------------------------------------------------------------------$70

Your choice of Sea-salt Shea butter, wild berry body polish, or green-tea and crushed rice for a luxurious 50-minute body scrub, followed by a gentle, soothing penetration massage.

Back Treatment----------------------------------------------------------------------------$80

We use gentle steam to deep-cleanse your back, with exfoliation, extraction (if needed), and a skin-nourishing mask, followed by a stimulating and soothing massage to increase cell renewal and relax your muscles.

Anti-aging Treatment---------------------------------------------------------------------$108

A sumptuous and indulgent mud wrap to tighten the pores and tone the skin, with essential oils to provide deep hydration for cracked and dry patches.

Green-tea mud wrap----------------------------------------------------------------------$108

We use the anti-oxidizing and antiseptic properties of green-tea exfoliation and a penetrating mask of green-tea mud, followed by a 15-minute massage with green-tea cream.

Ocean Garden Detox Wrap-------------------------------------------------------------$108

Get relief from what ails you and from the effects of environmental pollution with our sea-weed and eucalyptus-oil full body wrap, which alleviates congestion, drains away toxins, and brings back the glow to your skin.

Collagen Body Wrap----------------------------------------------------------------------$115

A customized treatment aimed at addressing your whole body’s skin conditions as they change over time. We use an array of our Dermalogica products and a choice of a collagen or seaweed mask providing for full skin nutrition, balance, detoxification, and protection.

Jade Asian Signature Body Wrap-----------------------------------------------------$120

We draw on the wisdom of the East in making our exclusive blend of pearl powder, bamboo powder, green-tea extract, creamy coconut, lemongrass powder, and good old corn starch mixed with clay to create a unique body mud.