Skin Care

Eye Treatment---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------$45

The perfect in-between facial treatment, to get rid of dark circles, puffiness, and fine lines. We use cold or hot eye-treatment masks to soothe your eye condition.

Basic Facial------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------$68

A sixty minute treatment that begins with a private consultation followed by a customized cleansing, exfoliation, and a mask, with a pressure point massage to stimulate circulation for skin texture and tone.

Hydrating Facial------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------$80

A refreshing, oil-free mask of made up of Lecithin and aloe gel and extracts of mallow, cucumber, and arnica maintains the skin’s moisture, creates a protective anti-oxidizing shield and helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines.

Deep cleansing, clarifying Facial------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------$110

A treatment customized to your skin condition that includes exfoliation, disincrustation, and extraction to deep clean your t-zone and eradicate blackheads.

Acne Treatment------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------$120

A treatment focused on extraction of impurities, high-frequency antiseptic, and deep-cleansing of the pores. Depending on skin condition, we use either a gentle, non-soap ultra-calming cleansing gel to combat the effects of pollution and hormonal imbalance, or a special non-soap foaming gel to remove impurities while preserving the skin’s natural moisture balance.

Multi-vitamin, anti-aging Facial---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------$125

Uses a nourishing custom-blended cream or essential oils to counter loss of radiance and resiliency, relax wrinkles, promote firmness, and rejuvenate maturing skin, with a Jade therapeutic massage. For dry and prematurely aging skin.

Collagen or Seaweed Facial-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------$130

A customized treatment aimed at addressing skin conditions as they change over time. We use an array of our Dermalogica products and a choice of a collagen or seaweed mask providing for full skin nutrition, balance, detoxification, and protection. For all skin types.

Jade Organic Customized Facial-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------$135

We customize an organic mask for your skin type, using papaya, banana, oat flour and lemon extract as rejuvenation and deep exfoliation agents, and a customized mix of other ingredients—including strawberry, milk powder, corn starch, avocado, peeled potato, grapefruit, cucumber, egg white and egg yolk, yogurt, sour cream aloe vera, and chocolate—to match your skin’s needs.

Skin lift and wrinkle Reduction---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------$150

Using state of the art technology, we restore lost elasticity and reinvigorate weakened skin while smoothing out wrinkles. Preceded by a luxurious, stimulating facial massage. See an immediate result with this amazing, age-defying treatment. Series of six to ten treatments: 20% off.


Another use of advanced non-surgical technology to deep-peel dead skin cells and restore the skin’s elasticity and tone, giving it the smooth and velvety texture of childhood.

ChromaWhite Treatment------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------$158

A combined spa and home treatment using six Dermalogica products to treat discoloration and enhance luminosity.

Orange-peel Treatment-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------$168

The most effective professional treatment for hyper-pigmentation, known as age spots. We lighten freckles and smooth away dermal blotchiness due to environmental exposure and hormonal imbalance. Uses fresh orange and ultra-sonic technology for its lightening, anti-wrinkle and rejuvenating effects. Recommended: one treatment every two weeks for the best results. Series of six to ten treatments: 20% off.

Jade Signature Facial----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------$188

Our own 90-minute deluxe fusion therapy combining Asian and western techniques. We use cool precious jade stone pressure point massage to stimulate circulation and improve muscle and skin texture; then we customize an additional treatment, using extracts of green tea, a lactic peel, and a soothing collagen mask to deep clean and moisturize your skin and to promote radiance, smoothness, and softness, accompanied by a decortée, arm, and hand massage.

Ultimate Facial-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------$298

Includes a choice of Collagen, Seaweed, or Organic masks combined with the full panoply of customized skin treatments—everything you need or want tailored to your skin condition. Combined with a 45-minute back treatment, a hand treatment using stimulating multivitamin botanical serum gloves to smooth and soften the skin, and a 20-minute reflexology foot massage. We know it’s expensive, but we guarantee you’ll look and feel great.